dobkintile & stone is the New York branch of Olympiatile International. dobkintile & stone was formed back in 1949 and subsequently purchased in 1991 by Olympiatile, one of the largest tile distributors in North America. We have been supplying tile to the Northeast market for over 70 years. Utilizing the vast resources of our parent company in Toronto, we offer small business service combined with the buying power and logistics of a large corporation.

With over 3.5 million square feet of warehousing, and tens of millions of square feet of inventory, Olympiatile has the infrastructure to supply most any job in North America within a short period of time. Our local inventory virtually eliminates the stress and lead times associated with importing special order material from overseas.

As leaders in the industry, Olympiatile has great impact over styling and demand, particularly within North America. Additionally, through its large volume purchasing capacity, Olympiatile has a strong influence over its manufacturers to create the most fitting and desirable products for both the American & Canadian markets.

Our exclusive collections, coupled with unmatched inventory levels, allow our clients access to the top products on the market. Utilizing our local operations in Buffalo, New York creates a partnership that is unparalleled in our industry. Our team is focused on delivering the best customer experience to our clients. We give our clients a small branch personalized feel while offering the product selection and inventory of a major conglomerate. Our professional staff is available to help guide you through our extensive offering. Whether it is a technical question or a product that your trying to source, we are here to provide a complete solution.

We look forward to working with you.