May 25th, 2020

dobkintile & stone is an importer and distributor of ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tile such as marble, limestone, granite, and slate. We market these products through professional tile installers, new construct home builders, remodelers, and retail locations. All our showrooms are open to the public. Our showrooms provide a comfortable and friendly environment for home owners and members of the professional design community. Our trained showroom consultants can assist you in choosing products for your application.

What to Bring

To assist homeowners and clients, it is helpful to our showroom staff to have as much information as possible about the prospective project, including details such as square footage, material requirements, or blueprints as well as other design elements like paint colors, counter top materials, cabinet finishes, or light fixtures.

You can also create an account on  dobkintile‘s website, where you can preview available tile collections and create a Virtual Project with personal notes, either in hard copy or on a mobile device.    

During your Visit

During your visit, our showroom consultants will assist you to make the selection process seamless and pleasant. As you decide on your materials, the showroom staff will fill out a selection sheet with all important information including placement in the project, collection and manufacturer, size, color, and grout color, as well as noting any special orders and order lead time.

At the end of your visit we will ask you to sign the selection sheet agreeing that a selection sheet is not an order and that price may change at the time of purchase. A copy is given to you for your records. A copy can also be emailed to you as well as any other members involved in the project such as installers, builders, remodelers, or designers with the proper contact information. The original selection sheet and an electronic copy are kept for the showroom’s records and can be brought up for following visits.  

Should you find it difficult to decide, our showroom staff can sign-out samples to be taken home. These samples are on loan and should be returned as soon as possible. Some samples may also require a deposit based on the value and/or scarcity of the samples. 

After your Visit 

After your visit, you may decide to come back This is very common and may even be necessary for large projects that include multiple rooms or spaces. Changes in other aspects of your project may require you to come back in. If you have questions, either about your selections or tile in general, our showroom consultants are also available via phone and email.

We look forward to seeing you!