June 15th, 2020

Color affects our everyday lives, both personally and professionally.

In our personal lives, the colors we choose to surround ourselves with: in our homes, the cars we drive, and the clothes we wear, have a profound effect on our mood and how we are perceived by others.

In business, the use of color to identify a brand, leave a lasting impression, or trigger a wide range of emotions. The deep meaning of color makes selection paramount when creating your logo, painting your office, and designing your marketing materials. Enhancing your knowledge of colors and the influence they carry won’t cure what ails you, but it will make your world a tad bit better.

Green tile.So, here we present, the meaning of color…


BLUE Trustworthy, responsible, wise, loyal

ORANGE Youthful, dynamic, creative and exciting

GREEN Organic, natural, calming, environmental

PURPLE Magical, spiritual, mysterious

YELLOW Idea-driven, spontaneous, attention-seeker

BLACK Mysterious and authoritative. Makes all other colors pop!

RED Passion, strength and power

WHITE Promotes creativity, depicts faith and purity

Whether you’re promoting your business or creating an atmosphere in your home, be sure to check the meaning behind your color to know if you are attracting the right customers or making your family and friends feel warm and welcome.